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  • Anti Corrosion Paints Cape Town – Protective Coatings Cape Town fill a niche requirement for a high quality anti-corrosion coating that offers real value for money.


    Whether your assets are located in mildly corrosive environments inland or highly corrosive offshore conditions, you need an anti-corrosive system that you can trust to deliver long-term performance and durability. With a comprehensive range of trusted anti-corrosive coatings, we can provide a reliable anti-corrosive system for almost any structure or piece of equipment, from bridges and port equipment to offshore wind turbines and oil & gas constructions. All our coating solutions are designed with durability in mind, to ensure you benefit from longer asset lifetimes and efficient maintenance.

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    Anti Corrosion Paints Cape Town – Desirable Properties of Anti Corrosive Coatings

    Every year, industry pays a huge price for corrosion and it’s rising. These escalating costs combined with the development of new products are making the anti-corrosion market increasingly important. A protective coating must exhibit a variety of properties to fulfill its role as a protective coating, including;

    Chemical Resistance – The coating must resist breakdown from the chemicals to which it is exposed. Chemical resistance is primarily a function of the resin used.
    Water Resistance – Water affects virtually all coatings. Greater water resistance equates to more effective corrosion control.
    Ease of Application – Ease of application is a vital characteristic, especially with intricate structural details. The more difficult the application, the more opportunity for defects to be created, leading to premature failure.
    Adhesion to Substrate – Adhesion is based on physical and chemical interactions between the coating and the substrate. Poor adhesion equates to poor performance.
    Cohesive Strength – Coatings must be able to withstand the stresses of the curing process and changes in temperature and moisture content.
    Flexibility and Elongation – The ability to expand and contract with the substrate is critical in some coating applications.
    Impact Resistance – The coating may have to resist impact loads.
    Abrasion Resistance – Coatings in some areas may have to be abrasion-resistant.
    Temperature Resistance – The environment may expose the coating to extremes of temperature, usually elevated.
    Dielectric Strength of an insulating material – the maximum electric field that a pure material can withstand under ideal conditions without breaking down
    Whatever the Corrosive Threat – Concrete structures may be the buildings, bridges, primary & secondary containments and other reinforced concrete structures that need protective coatings against rain, natural air & pollution, aggressive marine environment conditions and chemicals that affects adversely on the designed service life of the structures leading to an expensive refurbishments works.

    Anti Corrosion Paints Cape Town – CORROSION PROTECTION

    The key to success lies in recognising the corrosivity of the environment to which the structure or equipment will be exposed and in defining clear and appropriate coating specifications. For example, where steel is in a dry heated interior environment the risk of corrosion is insignificant and no protective coating is necessary. Conversely, a steel structure exposed to an aggressive environment needs to be protected with a high performance treatment and may need to be designed with maintenance in mind if extended life is required. The optimum protection treatment, which combines appropriate surface preparation, suitable coating materials, required durability and minimum cost, is achievable using modern surface treatment technology.

    Protective Coatings Cape Towns extensive range of anti corrosion coatings has been manufactured to the highest quality standards on durable & sustainable technology has stood time tested protection of the structures around the world.
    Utilising our extensive range of products, combined with expert knowledge and experience of our people, from buildings to bridges and primary & secondary concrete containments we can assist you to achieve the best protective coating solution for your project.

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