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General Purpose Heat Resistant Paint

General Purpose Heat Resistant Paint

Protective Coatings Cape Town is a Supplier of Jotun Heat Resistant Coatings, also referred to as Fire Retardent Paints or Intumescent Paint. Passive fire protection coatings are used for fire proofing. Heat resistant paints are designed to withstand high temperatures of up to 750°C, which makes them ideal for use on BBQs, fireplaces, chimneys, pipes, engines, exhaust pipes, log-burners and many more metal/metallic items requiring heat proof treatment.


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General Purpose Heat Resistant Paint – 10 Best Applications For Heat Resistant Coatings

Heat resistant coatings are coatings designed to withstand high temperatures. These coatings are able to resist flames, heat, smoke, and rust thus making them ideal for specific applications. Some varieties of these coatings can withstand temperatures as high as about 750°. Here are the top 10 applications of the heat resistant coatings.

1. Boilers

Boilers are devices used for heating water and other liquids producing steam and heat that is subsequently used for various other applications. The temperatures in a boiler can reach extremely high levels thus making it necessary to have a heat resistant coating.

2. Grills / Braais

Fire pits and grills are quite popular for outdoor cooking any time the weather allows. A heat resistant coating is important for the appliances since the surfaces are continually exposed to naked flames, smoke, and char. A high quality heat resistant coating should last for many years without disintegrating, flaking, or peeling.

3. Fireplaces

Fireplaces play an important role of adding comfort and warmth to any surrounding. Today, a growing number of designs emphasize appearance too. A heat resistant coating can withstand flames and high temperatures from the fireplace, lasts longer than other types of paints, and adds to the beauty of the fireplace.

4. Vehicle Transmission & Exhaust Systems

Vehicle transmission and exhaust systems reach extremely high temperatures during operation. Regular paints wear out within a short time and worsen the vehicle’s operational capability. A heat resistant coating resists the heat and lasts much longer.

5. Fans

Fans in residential and industrial applications can heat up if operated continuously. A heat resistant coating on the appliance will help prevent rust formation and protects the surface from moisture and grease formation.

6. Chimneys

Chimneys are constantly subjected to extremely high temperatures over extended periods. A heat resistant coating will protect the surface as well as reduce the chances of fire due to overheating. It is very important in improving the safety of chimneys.

7. Stoves

Stoves that burn charcoal, wood, or other types of fuel, are appliances used for heating or cooking purposes. Furnaces used to provide heat in living spaces are also similar in use. A heat resistant coating helps to protect the appliance and withstands flames, heat, smoke, and fumed for a long time.

8. Steam Pipes

Steam pipes are normally used in heating systems and related applications for transmitting steam. A heat resistant coating is normally used to ensure that the pipes last longer and to protect them from corrosion and rust.

9. Ovens

Both residential and commercial ovens are designed to withstand extremely high temperatures. This is particularly applicable to appliances that have broiling and grilling settings. As a result, a heat resistant coating is best suited for cooking ranges and ovens.

10. Kilns

Kilns are mostly used in industrial settings for different applications such as baking, drying, and curing goods. Oftentimes, temperatures reach several hundred degrees. A heat resistant coating is used in such appliances for longer lasting protection and coverage.


Heat resistant coatings truly have a wide range of applications. The applications discussed in this article are not the only ones but are the most common ones.

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