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  • Heat Resistant Paints Cape Town – Suppliers of Fire Retardent Coatings, also refered to as Intumescent Paint. Passive fire protection coatings are used for fire proofing


    Our durable intumescent fire protection coatings give you reliable fire protection, lower maintenance requirements and improved long-term performance. Used around the globe on a wide range of structures, from the steel frames of sports stadia to airports and skyscrapers, our fire protection coatings intended for cellulosic fires are formulated for quick application, either onsite or offsite. Cellulosic fires are fuelled by combustibles such as wood, paper, textiles, etc.

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    Heat Resistant Paint Cape Town – Intumescent Coatings Explained


    Just how do Intumescent Coatings work?

    All regularly used construction materials lose strength when subjected to high enough temperatures. In extraordinary instances, steel may buckle and collapse within a few minutes. In the event of fire, our fire protection coatings expand to develop a layer of carbon char. This insulates the steel beneath, enabling it to retain its load-bearing ability to as much as 120 minutes and providing people valuable time to evacuate.

    What are the other Advantages of Fire Retardent Paint?

    When compared with other passive fire protection systems, for example concrete casings or fire-resistant boards, intumescent coatings provide you with a variety of benefits. They really are rather simple to apply as well as to maintain, can be over-coated with any finish from our Decorative or Protective range leaving more room for ceiling and wall fixtures.

    Why choose us to be your supplier of Heat Resistant Coatings?

    Our products protect workplaces, office buildings, various work environments and essential infrastructure to assist with making the world a safer, better and more beautiful place. Furthermore, we supply fire resistant coatings for application on different materials and to withstand different temperatures.

    Jotatemp 650 and Solvalitt Midtherm are the two popular heat resistant paints from in our arsenal. They are designed to provide corrosion protection in abnormal range of temperature conditions. For example, they can be used on steel structures that are operated under either very high or very low temperature situations. It is heat resistant up to 650°C for continuous service and 720°C intermittent service and can be used as primer, mid coat or finish coat in atmospheric environments. It is recommended at dry operating surface temperatures that can range from cryogenic to 650ºC (intermittent 720ºC) including cyclic services in temperatures between -185ºC and 540ºC. The coatings are suitable for insulated and non insulated surfaces.

    Jotun’s range of Steelmaster Intumescent coatings are amongst the most advanced in the world. Steelmaster 1200WF is the most efficient thin film water-borne intumescent coating for up to 180 minutes fire protection. Steelmaster 60/120 offers up to 120 minutes of fire protection and can be applied both on and off site. Steelmaster 60WB gives 60 minutes fire protection whilst also producing a low odour, making it ideal for use in confined areas.

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