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Visual Appeal of Decorative Paints

Visual Appeal of Decorative Paints

Visual Appeal Of Decorative Paints – Protective Coatings Cape Town offers a full range of Interior and Exterior Decorative Paints. With our broad range of products, we can supply the perfect coating solution for your entire building, both Interior and Exterior.


A focal point wall brings out the visual appeal and interest in a space. Even more so, adding texture, visual interest and in short more style to even one wall stands to transform your home or business space into a totally new dimension.

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Muralists And Faux Finishes

Decorative paints include many different styles of painting that give the fantastic illusion of dimension, depth, and feel that only a talented artist may deliver. Some homeowners and business owners are fortunate to have the steadiness of hand with brushes, stencils, and other tools, and creative vision to do it for themselves.

For this crowd products such as Jotuns line of decorative paints are just one effective tool in the arsenal of an artist. For the rest of humanity, hiring an artist is a necessity. For one, most people may not be able to envision just how great (or potentially awful) that mustard green with a swirl will look. Yet, a trained artist who has visual acuity with colors and texture will be able to predict where that can work and where it would fail miserably.

Color Vision And Styles

Softening a space with a toned down hue of blue, and a subtle washed stripe makes its own statement for a bedroom or messy boy’s room. Checkerboard porches require some solid preparation but make a unique visual statement that calls back to the past to make what is old or too new seem lived in and comfortable. Though, the right layers of paint and preparation need to be performed to ensure that the look comes off flawlessly.

Paint Finishes

Finishes are also important as they will influence how long the porch holds up to the outdoor influences and elements. Along the same lines, decorative deck staining is another method to take back the exterior of the home and make it fully your own as well. Again, not only is the actual painting important but so too is the involvement and use of finishes that will make it last longer.

Whether going full force or putting in the color washing techniques, some added benefits come from some often performed techniques. Dry brushing provides texture that can run from sweeping and dramatic to more subtle. Ragging is another style that provides a look of wear and seemingly the impossible in a wall. It may appear wrinkled or like a piece of gently worn or antiqued and weathered leather even.

When adding a fresco it is akin to having a scene that tells a story but is performed quickly. It is a technique performed in watercolor in wet plaster. This allows the colors to fix into the plaster while the surface dries.

Remember the part about creating dimensions? Geometric reflections are one way to make a wall seem to pop and come alive. It may be used effectively in open spaces. Glitter and washed stripes may be used in conjunction for many different unique looks. A dining room with a bold purple and gold theme, to a little girl’s bubble gum pink dream all come to life with stripes.

Decorative work takes time to master. Getting colors and techniques right that are well-suited to space requires talent, experience, and skill.

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