We will help you select the Coating type that will Prolong the Performance and Lifespan of a variety of Surfaces, Our Solutions are also Aesthetically pleasing.

We provide Specialist Services in Residential, Commercial, Epoxy Floor Coatings & Polyurethane Floor Coatings.

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About Cape Town Painters

What makes Cape Town Painters unique?

We have partnered with world-leading suppliers of Paint Coatings to offer an extensive range of Painting Services. 

Our professionals can design a solution that meets your specific needs – utilizing our experienced staff, certified applicators and time tested products from trusted suppliers. 

We service the Cape Town Western Cape area, and will travel further where necessary for our clients. We can also extend coverage to other areas although additional service fees may apply.

Our Supervisors and Painters are trained and have the experience and knowledge to properly schedule and manage the most complex of jobs.

Save Money. In today's competitive economy preserving your investment is a key to success. Our coatings protect your investment safely.


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At Cape Town Painters our goal is keeping you completely satisfied throughout the entire painting project. We’re fully insured and we deliver outstanding painting projects for residential, commercial and industrial painting projects.

Cape Town Painters has built a reputation for responsiveness and communication.

We realised that there is a niche in the market for outstanding customer service and exceptional painting workmanship.

Our Painting Services


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Protective Coatings Cape Town - Our Story

About  Protective  Coatings  Cape  Town  –  Our  Origin  and  Migration

Painting Contractors Somerset West announced its expansion of Painting Services to the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, including the Durbanville and Bellville areas. Our expansion was the result of growing customer confidence in our workmanship and positive feedback from our clients. Hence, the birth of Durbanville Painters. The company’s new coverage area also includes other nearby towns in the Northern Suburbs and we now had the Helderberg, Boland and Northern Suburbs covered.

More market research was conducted and we decided to target the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, including the greater Cape Town area. We took advantage of the blossoming building industry, golf course estates, other new building developments in these target areas and copied our proven business blueprint to the new area. A brand new painting company, Cape Painters, was born.

A  Paint  Contractor  in  South Africa  Needs  to  Adapt  to  a  Rapid  Changing  World

In an unfavourable economic climate, and with the rise of technology as we have seen in recent years, a good painting contractor in South Africa must be able to adapt and diversify its services. Not only have we increased the amount of services that we offer our residential and commercial clients, but we have embraced technological developments and forms of marketing to make moves in future years.

The  Birth  Of  Protective  Coatings  Cape  Town

The Best example of our ability to innovate is the DIVERSIFICATION of our services. We aim to offer back to back and complimentary coatings services across a range of applications from Corrosion and Rust, Fire Proofing all the way through to Cementitious Coatings and Specialised coatings. We migrated our Service Range to include Protective Coatings to the Industrial and Commercial segments. We are specialists in Epoxy Flooring Systems, Anti-Corrosion Coatings Polyurethane flooring and Heat Resistant Paints. A new company was born.

The marketing strategy adopted by the NEW company, now extended beyond the concentration on certain areas of Cape Town only, to include the whole of the Western Cape.

Anti  Corrosion  Coatings  and  Fire  Protection  Coatings

Industrial anti corrosion coatings are the best way to keep a variety of surfaces safe. Fire Protection is a moral and legal requirement to ensure the safety of people at work and at home. If appropriate fire safety provisions are not made, including passive fire protection, the economic and social effects of fire could be catastrophic.

Our Protective Coatings protect workplaces, office buildings, various work environments and essential infrastructure to assist with making the world a safer, better and more beautiful place.

Flooring  Coatings

Epoxy and Polyurethane coatings are tough, stable materials that serves as a concrete floor sealant. The finishes are extremely hard and resistant to friction. It also provides optimum protection against particle abrasion, corrosive fluids, turbulence, heat, cold, and impact forces.

Even the best of protective coating systems will fail prematurely if not properly applied. Protective coatings are essentially purchased unassembled. Their ultimate performance is largely dependent upon the quality with which they are installed. In fact, the majority of premature failures are attributed to improper surface preparation and coating application, not to faulty coating materials. The role of our staff is to ensure that the coating manufacturer’s instructions are followed and specified requirements are achieved. In this way, the performance of a coatings system can be optimized and the design service life attained.

Protective Coatings Cape Town‘s extensive range of protective coatings is manufactured to the highest quality standards on durable & sustainable technology.

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