Advantages and Disadvantages of Epoxy Flooring

 Understanding The Advantages and Disadvantages of Epoxy Flooring

It can be challenging to discover a floor solution that stands the test of time, proving itself being chemical, spills and stain resistant. Almost every kind of flooring has some negative effects. That being said, epoxy floors seem to have fewer drawbacks and more advantages than most other floor coatings. Nonetheless, analyzing both pros and cons of this product is an excellent suggestion if you’re taking into consideration installing it in your industrial or commercial environment.

Knowing the Advantages and Disadvantages of Epoxy Flooring

Advantages of Epoxy Floors

Professional Appearance

Compared to an average floor coating, epoxy floors are good looking and also a professional floor finish. Their look alone makes them attractive to use. The smooth and also even surface makes it extremely easy to sweep and also keep. Considering that not much sticks to this type of floor covering, tidying up a mess a really simple.

Relative Low Cost

Contrasted to other kinds of flooring, the per square metre expense of epoxy flooring are tough to beat. Considering that it can be applied directly over concrete, the setup expenses are quite a bit less than the other floor coatings. Costs remain one of the most significant as well as one of the most immediate advantages you’ll discover with epoxy floor covering.

Excellent Resistance

Epoxy flooring are highly immune to practically whatever like oil, fuel, bleach, transmission liquid, cleansers and many more. This is one the main reasons epoxy floors are frequently used in industrial and commercial environments. Besides enduring chemical spills/cleaners, epoxy floor covering is also heat as well as water-resistant. They are almost insusceptible to most chemical spills without any adverse impacts on the coating.

An additional advantage is that these floors are also immune to germs, that makes them extremely simple to sanitize. This is why epoxy is an exceptional option for healthcare facilities.

Exceptional Durability

Noticeably valued for their sturdiness, epoxy flooring have a longer life expectancy than most other floor coatings. Concrete is the only product that beats it, but it requires to be properly sealed and also maintained. Besides, an epoxy flooring coating requires concrete beneath it anyway. Epoxy flooring coating enhances concrete exceptionally long lasting ability. They also supply advantages of anti-fatigue to concrete and can be quickly rolled-out on the concrete without mortar or adhesive.

Protective Nature

Epoxy floor covering shields the underlying concrete from moisture, discolourations, oil and splits. Over time, this can conserve you a lot on cleaning and also maintenance costs by getting rid of the demand to clean carpet or cement. In addition it also is reasonably priced for the duration and level of protection that it offers.

Nevertheless, the protective high qualities of epoxy flooring depend upon the installer. You need to locate a high quality epoxy flooring contractor.

Longevity of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy finishing lasts longer than several other of floor coverings. When mounted correctly, it can last for several years without cracking or peeling off. Besides the resilience, its lifespan makes it popular for industrial and also commercial usage.

Range Of Colours

Epoxy is an excellent idea to enhance the looks of your flooring. It’s offered in a range of shades that include a flawless, smooth, stylish shine and classy finish. The flooring can likewise be organized right into typical or customized patterns as well as layouts. The number of selections makes it a cost-effective means to update simple concrete as well as boost the environment of a work area.

Safety and security

One of the lesser-known advantages of using epoxy on a floor is that it improves visibility inside the building by showing light off the flooring.

Disadvantages of Epoxy Floor Covering


One of the significant disadvantages of using epoxy on your flooring is that it’s a momentary floor covering solution. Though long lasting as well as immune, you will need to change it eventually. Unlike a few other floor covering remedies, day-to-day wear and tear takes it toll on epoxy floors. To maintain the good looking floor finish, you’ll have to apply a new layer of epoxy in future. This is unpreventable in particular if heavy equipment are dropped on the floor.

Cracks and chips are a typical issue. Thought chips can start as a small nuisance, ultimately they can bring about a large portion of the layer peeling of the floor. Wheels likewise get caught catch as they are moving over a damaged floor. The flooring needs to be fixed when this takes place.

Epoxy May Be Slippery

Epoxy floors are fairly skid resistant. This con is not global. It applies only to oil-covered epoxy since that can be really slippery. Yet they can additionally come to be very slippery when wet, which produces a hazardous scenario. They are not an excellent choice in locations that might be prone to spills or water on the flooring. This is another drawback. However, you can alleviate this danger, at least to some degree, if you’re able to texturize your flooring.

Prep Work Before Application

Getting the existing flooring all ready before installation can be tedious. A significant quantity of effort goes into preparation. The concrete flooring has to be clean and also without any kind of oil, or solvents before the epoxy covering can be applied. Cracks will certainly require to be filled up too. Cleaning up concrete floors needs several efforts. All this preparation work needed is a disadvantage.

Epoxy Application

Besides the substantial prep work that goes into obtaining the concrete all set, using the epoxy covering is a relatively long procedure. It also takes several days to dry correctly. In addition, the very first layer of epoxy have to dry out entirely before adding the next coat.

Strong Scent

Wet epoxy has solid fumes. Darker shades of epoxy have much more hardeners than the lighter shades. They tend to have an ammonia scent after applying.

Level Of Sensitivity

Epoxy flooring needs to be installed exactly according to supplier instructions. Otherwise done improperly, the floor covering will not last as long as it should. Scratches appear easily. Epoxy finishing must be applied during that time of the year when the moisture degrees are reduced. This is since dampness can influence the durability of these flooring.

We recommend making use of a dehumidifier to reduce humidity for a duration of 24 hours before applying your first layer of epoxy resin. This will extract as much wetness from the air as possible which will stop damp from coming to be trapped below the floor as soon as the material finish has actually been used.

Adherence To Substrate

The concrete flooring must be dried out, prepared and cleansed completely prior to using epoxy to avoid adherence problems. Epoxy does not adhere well in a damp atmosphere such as a cellar. The epoxy paint peels off the floors if used in a wet environment on a wet floor.

Moisture Levels

Because the epoxy finish doesn’t breath once it cures, any kind of dampness entrapped below the surface area can be an issue as it vaporizes. It might bring about the demand for repair or re coating as bubbles may form in many cases.

Removal Of Old Epoxy Flooring

As soon as the epoxy is applied, changing shades or layouts can be a labour-intensive exercise. In those situations where the flooring needs to be fixed, removing the finishing is fairly extensive as well as difficult.

There are numerous benefits as well as negative aspects to using epoxy floors. It’s highly advised that you consult a specialist to carry out an evaluation of your flooring before making any type of choice. A specialist can additionally assess the moisture tolerance of the flooring to decrease the possibilities of delamination.

Knowing the Advantages and Disadvantages of Epoxy Flooring will assist in better decision making!

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