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Industrial & Commercial Corrosion Protection in Western Cape

  • Our coatings suppliers are Market Leaders
  • Corrosion protection with paint systems
  • A cost-effective way of preventing corrosion
  • Specified application methods & paint systems
  • Protect metal against atmospheric corrosivity
  • Corrosion & Rust protection on steel surfaces
  • Operational environments are unique. We will find a protection plan which suits your business
  • Anti corrosion coating extends the life of steel surfaces
anti rust painters cape town

Why Protective Coatings Cape Town?

  • Mobility - we cover the Western Cape
  • Our Supervisors and Painters are certified
  • Specifications are graded on a site specific basis
  • We work very closely with our coatings suppliers
  • Adherence to supplier application directives
  • Quality control during application of coatings
  • We are in compliance with all relevant legislation
anti rust painting contractors cape town

Anti Corrosion Painting Contractors Cape Town Western Cape

Industrial and Commercial Anti Corrosion Coatings Cape Town

Industrial and Commercial Corrosion Protection Cape Town. Protective Coatings Cape Town for the Application of Anti Corrosion coatings and Anti Rust coatings on steel surfaces.

The painting of metal substrates with protective paint systems is called corrosion protection painting. The purpose of corrosion protection painting is to protect the metal substrate against atmospheric corrosivity, for example rust, and to give the surface the designed appearance and texture.

Corrosion protection painting is a process where quality cannot be fully assessed merely based on the acceptance inspection of the finished coating. Therefore, it is imperative that the process of corrosion protection painting is planned carefully. It is equally important to manage and monitor all parameters affecting the outcome during the painting process.

Whether your assets are located in mildly corrosive environments inland or highly corrosive offshore conditions, you need an anti-corrosive system that you can trust to deliver long-term performance and durability. With a comprehensive range of trusted anti-corrosive coatings, we can provide a reliable anti-corrosive system for almost any structure or piece of equipment, from bridges and port equipment to offshore wind turbines and oil & gas constructions. All Protective Coatings Cape Town solutions are designed with durability in mind, to ensure you benefit from longer asset lifetimes and efficient maintenance.

Anti Corrosion Painting Contractors Cape Town – CORROSION PROTECTION

The key to success lies in recognising the corrosivity of the environment to which the structure or equipment will be exposed and in defining clear and appropriate coating specifications. For example, where steel is in a dry heated interior environment the risk of corrosion is insignificant and no protective coating is necessary. Conversely, a steel structure exposed to an aggressive environment needs to be protected with a high performance treatment and may need to be designed with maintenance in mind if extended life is required. The optimum protection treatment, which combines appropriate surface preparation, suitable coating materials, required durability and minimum cost, is achievable using modern surface treatment technology.

Anti Corrosion Painting Contractors Western Cape

Corrosion Protection Coatings against Rust, Chemicals and Environment

Corrosion, including rust, is a worldwide problem that is gaining more and more attention. With aging infrastructures, the risk is mounting and threatens lives and property. Too often problems are ignored until it’s too late.

There are two aspects to corrosion, namely PREVENTION and REPAIR. An important factor is that corrosion is irreversible and it always results in a weakened structure. While prevention works going forward, repair is the most pressing issue.

How Anti Corrosion Painting Contractors Cape Town Prevents Corrosion

Corrosion is the deterioration of surfaces and structures caused by a reaction to a number of elements and conditions. Our coatings form a protective barrier that blocks these damaging environments so corrosion doesn’t have the opportunity to start.

Corrosion resistant alloys and materials with inhibitors slow damage but don’t last. As protective surfaces get stripped away by wear and tear or physical damage, the underlying metals become exposed.

Rust is the most common result and refers to the corrosion of iron and its alloys, such as steel. Over time, with the presence of oxygen and water, tough iron structures will completely disintegrate. As the metal surface is stripped away and turns to rust, new metal is exposed. The cycle repeats continuing to leave layers of nothing but flakes. The only solution is to block these elements by coating before corrosion sets in.

Anti Rust Painting Contractors Cape Town

Procedures for Repairing Rust

There is controversy for removing rust. One school says rust can be starved of oxygen and moisture to stop the rust. The other thought is that it is virtually impossible to do this. Opponents point the following issues.

  • Rust takes up more volume than the original metal, causing expansion, especially in surrounding concrete. This condition has been known to force apart adjacent joints. The result is cracks which allow faster deterioration and damage.
  • Many of the techniques aimed at repairing or preventing rust often fail at seams, holes, and joints where there are gaps in the treatment. They provide protection for a limited time.
  • If surfaces are not completely sealed or become damaged, elements such as oxygen and moisture creep in.
  • One thing agreed is that masking doesn’t work for repairs. Simply coating rust may improve appearance and may slow deterioration, but anything that feeds rust will continue to corrode, often undetected. The weakened state can lead to collapse.

At minimum, the loose rust needs to be removed. There are a number of ways to do this with abrasive blasting/grinding, acids, electrolysis, rust converters and other rust mitigation techniques.

Anti Corrosion Painting Contractors Cape Town – Surface Protection

Next, surface preparation is crucial. If a coating doesn’t adhere, gaps will cause problems. The metal must be clean and oil free. Using a primer or roughing the surface may also be needed. Thoroughly coating is the best way to create a seamless barrier to prevent oxygen and moisture from seeping in.

Today, the coatings industry is a highly technical field that requires skilled personnel to perform quality surface preparation and protective coatings application.

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