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Industrial & Commercial Polyurethane Flooring Cape Town

  • Our coatings suppliers are Market Leaders
  • Resistant to abrasion and solvents
  • Polyurethane floors saves you money
  • Specified application methods & paint systems
  • Hard wearing and provide waterproofing
  • Can be applied to most hard flooring surfaces
  • Solutions tailored to suit most business requirements
  • Easier to maintain and more aesthetically pleasing
polyurethane floor coatings cape town

Why Protective Coatings Cape Town?

  • Mobility - we cover the Western Cape
  • Our Supervisors and Painters are certified
  • Specifications are graded on a site specific basis
  • We work very closely with our coatings suppliers
  • Adherence to supplier application directives
  • Quality control during application of coatings
  • We are in compliance with all relevant legislation
polyurethane flooring western cape

Industrial and Commercial Polyurethane Flooring Cape Town

Polyurethane Floor Coatings Cape Town

Polyurethane flooring is hugely popular among industrial and commercial businesses and with good reason. It’s extremely durable, very strong and it looks professional. It doesn’t matter on the business type or industry, a lot of people are continually choosing polyurethane flooring above anything else. Polyurethane floor sealer presents a hard wearing finish, which enhances the colour of the concrete floor. It is available in gloss or low sheen. The coating thickness and the selection of the polyurethane coating system thereby depend in each case on the application and the surface.

If you are interested in having polyurethane flooring installed, you have come to the right place. At Protective Coatings Cape Town, we have the skills and experienced to do an unmatched job. We will install polyurethane to a high standard.

To find out more about polyurethane flooring, get in touch. Contact Impact Flooring on 087 550 7676 or via the online contact form.

Polyurethane Flooring Cape Town and Western Cape

Introduction to Polyurethane Flooring

On top as a coating, polyurethanes can make the floors we walk on every day more durable, easier to maintain and more aesthetically pleasing.

Using flexible polyurethane in industrial or commercial applications can significantly increase the lifespan of the substrate.

Polyurethanes are mainly used to coat floors. This protective finish is resistant to abrasion and solvents yet is easy to clean and maintain. With a polyurethane finish a cement floor will wear better and longer while an old floor can be refinished to look new again.

Polyurethane Flooring Cape Town – What is a polyurethane floor?

Looking for a floor that is both decorative and functional? Polyurethane floors are practical and beautiful. In addition, this floor can be applied over most existing floors. These floors are many times firmer than wooden floors, laminate floors or tiles, but certainly offer a great walking convenience due to the higher elasticity. Polyurethane floors are available in many different, beautiful colours.

Polyurethane mortar flooring systems have been around for many decades, designed to exhibit a high cross-linking density, cementitious polyurethane systems are non-toxic, non-hazardous, and highly chemical-resistant and can now be installed more efficiently and effectively. They have been widely used in the food and beverage, food processing and manufacturing globally.

Which floor is the best for your situation?

Floors in certain environments are subjected to abuse, heavy traffic, chemical attack and the most hostile conditions out there. Polyurethane mortars do well in these abusive environments but not every area in a plant will require them. Epoxy systems still rank high on the preferred material selection list. However, trickier and more demanding environments are better suited with a cementitious polyurethane system. Coatings not only need to protect concrete from harmful substances, but from mechanical stress, too. In a cold range of temperature transition, epoxy coatings often become brittle and strained, reducing their ability to withstand mechanical loads. Moreover, this often presents a serious wear problem.

Not entirely sure whether this floor is ideal for your situation? Contact Polyurethane Flooring Cape Town

Polyurethane floors are mainly used in situations where the following features are highly valuated:


Not only tough and durable, but also beautiful to look at! Available in almost every colour.


Particularly resistant to UV rays, so it protects against yellowing by exposure to sunlight. Even after years, your floor holds the original colour.

High elasticity

Experience more walking comfort and noise reduction due to higher elasticity. In addition, this floor can be applied on uneven surfaces.


No drop can come through this floor! This also makes the floor very easy to clean.

It is not a surprise that the appearance of a room is greatly influenced by the colour of the floor. A dark floor gives a more robust and cozy impression and a lighter floor gives a more professional appearance, but can sometimes feel cold and clinical. We are happy to advise you and, thanks to our experience, we know everything about the effect of a floor on the intended space.

Epoxy Flooring versus Polyurethane Flooring: Polyurethane Flooring Cape Town

How do you know which is right for your business? Especially when it comes to the choice between the two most commonly used types of resin – epoxy and polyurethane?

Both of these materials come with their own characteristics and strengths and both are suited to different industries and applications. They do however, share some key characteristics – both Epoxy and Polyurethane floor solutions are durable, hard wearing and provide waterproofing while also protecting your concrete floor from a whole range of damage and dirt.

Those are the similarities, but what are the differences between the two?

Generally, a polyurethane floor coating is highly flexible and elastic, while epoxy flooring is harder and more brittle. This makes polyurethane coatings more resistant to scratches and similar damage and is why you’ll often find urethane resin floors in heavy traffic areas – such as multi-storey car parks. This extra flexibility also makes them desirable for applications in extreme temperature situations as the flooring can expand and contract with the changes in temperature – preventing cracks from occurring.

While both epoxy resin and urethane resin floor coatings are chemical resistant, they are resistant in different ways. For example, polyurethane systems are more resistant to natural chemicals such as lactic acid. It is this kind of resistance that makes polyurethane flooring popular in food processing environments – especially those dealing with dairy products. If an epoxy floor is exposed to lactic acid it will often experience a degree of corrosion and yellowing. Epoxy, however, offers far better protection against strong artificial corrosives such as sulphuric acid.

If you are looking to repair existing concrete flooring then both polyurethane and epoxy solutions offer their own solutions. As a thinner compound, epoxy can be used to fill cracks in concrete, while more flexible polyurethane flooring compounds are ideal for bridging gaps and cracks in an existing substrate.

When it comes to installation, Polyurethane flooring options are extremely sensitive to humidity. If attacked by moisture, a curing urethane coating can be completely ruined – making it imperative that the area stays dry while being installed. Epoxy resin flooring can also be affected by water during the application process, but to a far lesser degree – making it more suitable for areas impacted by moisture. The installation and curing times vary massively between the two options. A multi coat polyurethane surface can be cured to full strength over a weekend, whereas the same area of epoxy flooring can take a whole week to fully dry.

The high sensitivity to moisture and the fast cure time of Polyurethane systems make the installation process far harder than that of hardier epoxy resin options. This being the case, we can only recommend self-installation of polyurethane systems to more experienced teams.

When it comes to the question of epoxy versus polyurethane there is no one winner – it all depends on the requirements of your industry and what you need from your new surface. As an experienced manufacturer of high performance and heavy-duty resin flooring systems, we at Polyurethane Flooring Cape Town are always here to help you make the best decisions for your business.

If you want to discuss which of our product ranges would best meet your requirements, then why not give us a call on 087 550 7676 and arrange a no-obligation site visit and survey?

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